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Financial aid for energy efficiency

Financing opportunities of energy efficiency projects present themselves more and more often for companies from Romania. For you to capitalize on these financial incentives and grants for energy coming from the local administration, governmental or even by European programs, you need a partner with experience. Choose to work with Enel X, a global company which pays attention to the local situation of each customer. Focusing at all times on meeting the ever-changing needs, we have created financial instruments dedicated to companies. At the same time, we accompany you step by step with consultancy and cutting-edge technology, during your applications for financing programs aiming to enhance energy efficiency and decarbonisation of industrial processes.

Is it possible to improve efficiency with zero down payment?

Yes! The EPC contractual form will help you make savings in terms of the management of your energy efficiency systems, without you having to support the cost of an initial investment.

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Consulting with Enel X

Alongside companies, step by step

The road to energy transition is becoming very popular amongst companies which want to develop sustainably and obtain a competitive advantage by measures for energy efficiency. Considering our experience and competence, you may rely on our personalized solutions centered on obtaining European, regional and national subsidies and incentives.