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What is consultancy on funding

There are multiple forms of financing which are part of the energy optimization initiatives from Romania or the European Union. Financing programs aim to foster a sustainable economic development, meaning an economic development aware of the impact on the environment. There are many action directions and financing sources for the economic optimization of local businesses. Enel X will facilitate access to financing harnessing the experience and the wide range of innovation products, available anywhere, for any company. Accessing European funds, national financing programs or other sources of non-reimbursable funds becomes easier with the help of the Enel X team.

How it works?

With Enel X, accessing funds becomes simpler for your company due to the team with experience in this domain where complying with specific procedures is a must.


Financing and stimulation mechanisms enable you to cut down on initial costs, facilitating the investment’s recovery. External financing benefits you and the community.



How it works