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How to access the Electric Up program with Enel X

How to access the Electric Up program with Enel X

We all want a better future, where the safety of people and the environment comes first.

If you want to know more, we invite you to read below the most important details about the applicant’s guide to Electric Up and how to access this program with Enel X.

Electric Up - what the program involves and who can apply

Electric Up Project is aimed at SMEs and HORECA companies and aims to develop the renewable energy sector and increase energy efficiency by developing the necessary infrastructure for an environmentally friendly transport network.

At the same time, these SME financing solutions aim to provide real support to Romanian entrepreneurs, especially in the context of the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Small and medium-sized companies, as well as those in the HORECA sector, have the opportunity to obtain the necessary funds for investments, developing a business of the future and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Non-refundable grants can cover up to 100% of eligible expenditure, making it a worthwhile option for any entrepreneur who wants to invest wisely in the future of their business.

If you are interested in the Electric Up project for SMEs and HORECA and in obtaining a non-refundable grant, you will need to apply to the program and follow the necessary steps to obtain one of the grants.

What are the steps to access SME and HORECA Electric UP financing solutions

The registration to the SME and HORECA government funding project is simple, by filling in an application form. The application is signed electronically, either by the legal representative of the company or by the authorized representative, in the latter case a notarized power of attorney is required. Validation of the registration will be done automatically and an identification number, user and password will be generated. These credentials will be useful during the project selection process.


Once you have registered for the program, you will need to attend the project submission session. This stage involves submitting a project that meets all the eligibility criteria and technical requirements of the panel system and charging station components, details of which we can work out together.  Enel X can advise you as an NAER authorized installer, taking into account the criteria that can be found in the Applicant’s Guide to Electric Up. 

The annual production report of the proposed photovoltaic solution resulting from the analysis of the collected and correlated information must be downloaded in .csv format and submitted in the software application. After entering in the online platform all the required data (related to: monthly/annual consumption of your company, type of station/charging station used, annual production of the PV plant, amount of non-refundable grant requested, etc.), each project receives a performance coefficient - CPPA - this score (CPP) is the main criterion for selecting the applicants to the Electric Up program, according to which the grants are distributed.

How to apply for the Electric Up program with Enel X

To increase your chances of success, it is best to rely on an experienced partner to provide you with the necessary resources. Enel X offers you photovoltaic systems with installed power between 27kWp-100kWp, as well as charging stations for electric cars of at least 22kW. On top of this, you will always have a dedicated team of specialists at your disposal, who will advise you throughout the project, including after-sales services.


To apply for the Electric UP  project with Enel X, you can send an email to b2b.ro@enel.com for more information. In addition to the support of Enel X specialists, do not forget to follow the above process step by step by completing the necessary documents to apply for the program. Start by carefully reading the Guide to Electric Up and the de minimis aid scheme, then fill in the application form, sign it and submit it for validation.

Bear in mind that a good understanding of the conditions for applying to the program, as set out in the Applicant's Guide to Electric Up, will help you to produce a complete project and have the best chance of obtaining a satisfactory CPP.


Choose to invest in your future and that of your beloved by applying for one of the grants available in the Electric Up project. You will not only enjoy a profitable business, but also the opportunity to be part of a safer and healthier world.