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Smart cities change peoples' lives

What is the intelligence of smart cities? The subject is still open, but digitalization and energy efficiency play an important role. Energy efficiency solutions dedicated to the needs of public administrations at local, regional, or central level harness the innovation of cutting-edge technology: street lighting with photovoltaic panels, LED bulbs, motion sensors and much more. The buildings managed by the authorities can consume less, streets can only be lit when used, LED bulbs can substantially reduce consumption, and the movement of people in traffic, on public transport or in pedestrian areas can flow smoothly with digital traffic light solutions. The smart city is interconnected and communicates information to those who can make decisions for a better life together.

Watch the city from above with City Analytics

The power of big data is at the disposal of local public authorities, which can take immediate decisions and measures when and where they are needed. Millions of people traveling to cities around the world have needs that can be more easily predicted and even prevented with the help of this progressive digital tool: City Analytics. Pedestrian and road mobility are now being streamlined through rapid interventions.

Look at the city from the top

Energy efficient buildings

We increase the energy efficiency of public buildings

People's confidence in sustainable development is also stimulated by awareness of energy consumption in public institutions. Schools, hospitals, offices, social spaces for citizens - all can become more sustainable. What are the steps? From photovoltaic panels to increasing the share of renewable energy, to thermal insulation, efficiency of heating and cooling installations, we accompany you on the road to reducing pollution and adopting innovations that accelerate the energy transition and encourage green energy consumption in public institutions and administrations.

We transform the city lights

Our smart lighting solutions bring the future into the present.

Smart Lighting Solutions