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Enel X electric car charging stations funded by Electric Up

Enel X electric car charging stations funded by Electric Up

We all dream of a secure future for ourselves and our loved ones, but we must not forget that the security of the future starts with the choices of the present. In recent years, major companies around the world have been looking for sustainable solutions to sustain their business, using renewable resources and solutions that reduce their impact on the environment. One of the best examples of this comes from car companies themselves, which are placing increasing emphasis on electric and hybrid cars. With the growing popularity of these types of cars, installing electric car charging stations is becoming not only a necessity, but also a business of the future. Find out more about the charging solutions Enel X offers and how you can install them with funding from the Electric Up program.

Electric charging points in Romania - is the investment justified?

Just a few years ago, electric cars were still regarded with skepticism in our country, partly because of the price and partly because of charging issues. Without a sufficient number of electric charging points, full-electric or hybrid cars seemed risky, and charging stations were meaningless without electric cars. Fortunately, the situation has changed dramatically and continues to improve: electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and Romanians have realized that they can be a convenient and sustainable solution in the long term.

Globally, a report by the Deloitte Group has highlighted that sales of electric cars will grow by 30% each year, with one in three cars sold being electric by 2030. 

Therefore, if at the end of 2019 Romania had around 400 electric car charging stations, we should expect the number to increase progressively in the coming years.


The installation of charging stations is thus a future-proof solution for any company, be it for external customers or for its own fleet. Thinking about the cost of car charging stations and can't decide whether to include it in your company's current expenses? Take advantage of the Electric Up project, where you can receive up to €100,000 in funding to purchase photovoltaic panels and charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. You can read more about the program at Electric Up Funding Guide.

Electric vehicle charging stations from Enel X - what options are available to you

Enel X supports the adoption of electric mobility by developing a national public network of charging stations, a network that currently exceeds 100 charging points, in 8 cities in Romania, so that Romanians can continue to enjoy mobility, but also gain a cleaner air, lower traffic noise in a healthier environment.

According to statistics, over 75% -80% of all loads happen either at home or at the office, and in this sense so that each company or consumer can choose the best variant of charging station for hybrid and electric vehicles, Enel X consultants they are always ready to offer personalized assistance..


If you want to get your company a grant through Electric Up, it's good to know what kind of electric charging stations Enel X offers:


JuiceBox Comercial

It is the perfect option for companies that want to enjoy the benefits of electrification. It can be used as a single charging station, but also as part of a series of infrastructures for a fleet of electric vehicles. With its small footprint, it fits even into small spaces.

Recharge status can be monitored via a smartphone and thanks to the highly visible led the recharge status can be easily observed. The JuiceBox Commercial station is connected to the JuiceNet Manager integrated management system, which allows you to manage your entire fleet of electric vehicles.


It is a charging solution that fits perfectly into any urban context, including your own car park. It has a design that is easy to recognize and customize with your company logo, and a big advantage is that it allows you to recharge two cars at the same time. Thanks to the 10" colour display with high contrast and resolution, interacting with the JuicePole is intuitive and easy.


It is a fast electric charging station that you can install both in city spaces (including shopping malls) and outside the urban environment. With its 3G connection, control and maintenance can also be done remotely. JuicePump allows you to charge two electric cars at the same time, thanks to three standard connectors (CCS, Chademo, Type 2).


Choose to be part of a sustainable future by turning to renewable energy sources in Romania. Don't forget to check out the Enel X offer, along with the Electric Up financing guide, to get the funding you need for electric charging stations.