Earn and support  electricity grid

Earn and support electricity grid

Enel X - global leader in Programs Demand Side Response

We’re leading the transformation of energy sector in industry, businesses, cities and e-mobility

Enel X is a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalization, sustainability, and innovation. Enel X combines the spirit of a startup with the infrastructure of a global leader to help businesses and communities create, store, use, and share energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically. 

Enel X is Enel Group’s global business line offering services that accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. A global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, Enel X manages services such as demand response for around 7.4 GW of total capacity at global level and 137 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as 232,000 electric vehicle charging points made available around the globe*.

*Public and private charging points. It includes interoperability points.

“I support Polish energy security”

Participants of DSR programs receive this badge from PSE, which recognizes their contribution and commitment into building a reliable electricity network for the country.

Create New Revenue for Supporting Grid Reliability

Demand side response (DSR) programs offer payments to large energy users that agree to reduce their demand at times when the grid is under stress. These programs help to keep the lights on and energy prices low in emergency situations, and provide your organization with regular payments for participating. 




Enel X extends another year of secured long-term revenue to Polish customers with 2025 capacity market auction results

Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, through its local subsidiary Enel X Polska, was awarded 595 MW of demand response (DR) capacity to be delivered in Poland’s 2025 Capacity Market. This result maintains Enel X’s DR leadership in the country, which is now five years running (2021-2025), and secures another year of long-term revenue potential for the commercial and industrial customers in its portfolio.


Remondis earns Demand Side Response revenue with Enel X

One of the examples of good business practices in Poland is the Remondis Group. The Remondis Group is the leader in the municipal services sector in Poland, operating in the field of waste collection and management as well as water and sewage management.


Enel X strengthens demand responde leadership in Poland with new award

Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, through its local subsidiary Enel X Polska, was awarded 696 MW of demand response (DR) capacity to be delivered in 2024 in Poland’s Capacity Market


KPMG report for Enel X: opportunities and risks to take part in the capacity market

Report prepared by KPMG in 2020 for Enel X shows that risk for calls for power reduction is on the low level.

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Demand Side Response

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