Earn and support  electricity grid

Earn and support electricity grid

Enel X - global leader in Programs Demand Side Response

We’re leading the transformation of energy sector in industry, businesses, cities and e-mobility

Enel X is a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalization, sustainability, and innovation. Enel X combines the spirit of a startup with the infrastructure of a global leader to help businesses and communities create, store, use, and share energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically. In Poland, we’ve been helping our customers identify new opportunities from their energy use that solves challenges, achieves objectives, and builds competitive advantage since 2017.

We are present in 11 countries, managing over 16 thousand of different objects and  over 6GW of power. We are part of Enel Group company which works over 33 countries across five continents, generating energy with a managed capacity of more than 89 GW.

“I support Polish energy security”

Participants of DSR programs receive this badge from PSE, which recognizes their contribution and commitment into building a reliable electricity network for the country.

Create New Revenue for Supporting Grid Reliability

Demand side response (DSR) programs offer payments to large energy users that agree to reduce their demand at times when the grid is under stress. These programs help to keep the lights on and energy prices low in emergency situations, and provide your organization with regular payments for participating. 

Enel X provides:

  • A proven plan to maximize your DSR earnings with minimal impact on your business operations
  • No-cost, no-risk agreements to protect your organization from overuse and penalties
  • Accessn to more DSR programs worldwide than any other provider; we are the Capacity Market leader from 2021 to 2024
  • Tailor-made commercial proposition to suit your company’s needs and objectives

Our products

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

Earn money by supporting Poland's energy security

Energy advisory

Energy advisory

Save thanks to the optimal purchasing strategy for energy resources

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