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Why choose Demand Response

Demand-Response means balancing the network through energy consumption management. Modulate your energy consumption and you will have only gains, in this new innovation dimension in terms of energy. You will gain financial benefits and will contribute to the stability and the flexibility of the electric grid. We make sure that it is simple for you, therefore, we will handle the end-to-end management of all the services related to energy sale and purchase. We include here also the forecasts in production and hourly scheduling, offer management on dedicated markets, financial model, performance analysis and invoicing.

How it works

Are you wondering what are the stages by which you can contribute to the levelling of the electric grid by your energy consumption management? Here is what happens when the system needs your action:

  1. The national transport controller foresees a problem in the grid’s stability and requests the issue of a levelling order from the aggregator.
  2. The aggregator modulates the consumption and/or the production of its client portfolio to increase or decrease energy use.
  3. Customers implement (manually or automatically) the modulation plans.
  4. The difference in the energy quantity is used by the national transport operator.
  5. Customers are paid for each modulation performed.


Using the innovative Demand Response opportunity, your company has access to the dispatching services market (dispatching services market, MSD) and comes to support consumption/supply peaks. 

When you make available the production capacities, especially, if they are highly flexible and managed in aggregated form, you become part of an advanced group of companies which become important players in the national energy system.

The Demand Response service offered by Enel X addresses commercial and industrial customers that come from various activity sectors. Actually, the size of the location is irrelevant, even smaller work points may participate when they are managed in aggregate.

It is important to know that, in order to attend the Demand Response program, you must not interrupt your own consumption, but you may guarantee a certain degree of modulation.

We have a team exclusively dedicated to supporting customers in collecting the necessary technical material for choosing the most suitable business processes that can be subject to consumption modulation. How do we guide you?

  • the team performs a standard preliminary analysis of the unit’s main characteristics

  • follows an in-depth analysis of the industrial processes involved

  • we identify the consumption that can be flexible

We use a revolutionary technological platform in order to manage the Demand Response services, which uses top algorithms capable of selecting the optimal solution from a technical and economic point of view.

Therefore, we are offering you revenues for energy consumption management, and to the electricity transmission operator we offer maximum safety.

We manage the system with the help of an operational center available 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We use automated notifications for levelling orders by SMS/e-mail or by the dedicated application.

We are able to offer business-ready and integrated solutions, for example, by combining cost management solutions with distributed generation sources and with the consumption monitoring platform, supported by financial instruments adapted to your needs, in line with our EaaS (energy as a service) approach.
How it works