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Optimize the energy of your business

Energy expenses depend on how much, when and how your company uses energy. When you become aware of the way in which the business uses energy, new opportunities to save emerge, which generates new revenues and supports the development of the sustainable organization. Enel X brings you bespoke offers for the monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and identifies the best solutions in order to increase the energy efficiency of your business. If you benefit from strategic energy consultancy from Enel X, your organization will reach its energy objectives.


Energy efficiency for your company

Unlock opportunities to increase efficiency

The Enel X team offers you 360° assistance, starting with consultancy services. This strategic partnership will help you manage conformity risks, meaning to implement processes supporting compliance with standards, rules and regulations in force. Furthermore, we support you in reaching your objectives in terms of reduction in energy use and, therefore, costs. We analyse your energy profile by installing high precision measuring instruments (submetering), which automatically identify the measures recommended and optimise consumption.

Increase the energy efficiency of the buildings you manage

Your light, ambient temperature control systems, water heating and cooling installations are up-to-date in terms of today’s sustainability requirements? We help you find out the answer to this question and facilitate the transformation of your company, with the benefit of lower energy costs.

Energy efficient buildings

Discover smart lighting

Choose smart lighting systems

Reinventing the lighting system of your company is an accessible opportunity in order to reduce energy costs. We will advise you in choosing efficient LED lighting solutions for your offices and production units, at the end of a thorough analysis on site.

Digital monitoring and optimization

Energy Management Solution is our digital platform for companies which want to know, at any moment, the quantity of energy consumed in their industrial processes. The platform offers you these visually interpreted data in order to help you make optimization decisions using automated reports and recommendations. Following an analysis of the actual energy performance, you identify the potential opportunities of energy efficiency, for cost reduction and sustainability growth.

Discover EMS

Industrial equipment

Ensures power supply continuity

If you want to be worry-free in terms of continuous/emergency power supply for your locations, you need to harness the opportunities brought by reliable technology, such as the uninterruptible power supply, the systems for the correction of the power factor and power generators. We put together performance solutions in the configuration suitable for your energy consumption and considering the possible risks in case of temporary failure of the electric grid.