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What is efficient lighting?

Not only residential clients consider the consumption of the light bulbs when it comes to energy savings. Companies value savings just as much and look more and more often for smart solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting. At Enel X we integrate cutting-edge lighting fittings in smart systems, which can be monitored through digital platforms. This opens the way to transparency and optimization, with financial and decarbonisation benefits.

How it works

Are you looking for an innovative solution to lower electricity consumption? With the help of the most advanced smart LED lighting solutions, the work space will become:

  • connected and integrated

  • easy to digitally manage and optimize. 

Create the most comfortable environment for the operations of your company by using a fully automated light management system, connected to detecting sensors, with the help of the most advanced LED technology. 

Our elite consultants will analyse the opportunities to set up a smart LED lighting system. We will provide the design of the system, considering the organization of the work space and the needs of the personnel and the business processes. We will make sure that the parameters defining light (colour, height, angles and others) meet your everyday needs.
How it works