Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy provides information for users on the way we use cookies and/or monitoring technologies to collect information given when they visit the www.enex.com/ro/en website (hereafter the “Website”).


The controller for the processing of the personal data collected via the Website is:

Enel X Romania SRL, with the registered office in Bucharest, B-dul. Mircea Vodă nr. 30, cam. 4.11, 4th floor, District 3, Registration no. with the Trade Register J40/1952/15.02.2019, Tax Identification Code RO 40645170/Enel X Mobility România SRL , with registered office in Bucharest, B-dul. Mircea Vodă nr. 30, cam. 4.7, 4th floor, District 3, Registration no. with the Trade Register J40/1951/15.02.2019, Tax Identification Code RO 40645073 (hereinafter referred to as "Enel"), as Independent Data Controllers, will process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the legislation applicable to privacy and personal data protection, as well as with this Cookie Policy.


1. Definition of Cookies

1.1. Cookies are small text files that the websites accessed by users send to the device used (e.g. computers, tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc.), where these are stored before being retransmitted to the same websites on the next visit of the same user. Cookies may be subject to prior consent.


1.2. Cookies allow identification of the device these are stored on, during the entire period of validity or registration. During Website visits, the browsing data received from the user's device could be stored in "cookies" installed on the same device.


1.3. Cookies perform different functions and allow an efficient website browsing, recording the user's preferences and improving the browsing experience. They can also help customize the advertisements displayed during browsing and the marketing activities directed at the user, ensuring that these are carried out in a manner that is compatible with the user's interests and preferences.


1.4. Cookie settings can be changed at any time. Next, we provide information about the cookies used by the Website and how to manage their related settings.


2. Types of cookies used

2.1. When connecting to the Website using a browser, cookies may be installed on the user's device to recognize the device used, to guarantee the use of the Website during of the cookie's validity time, and to collect information about the Website accesses.


2.2. When browsing the Website, users may also receive cookies sent from various sites or servers their device (the so-called "third parties"), which contain elements (such as, for instance, images, maps, sounds, links to pages on other domains) present on the website that the user visits. Therefore, in this regard, we can have:


2.2.1. Original cookies, sent directly by Enel to the user's device.


2.2.2. Third party cookies, coming from a third party, but sent on behalf of Enel.


2.3. Depending on the purposes of cookies, they can be classified as:


2.3.1. Strictly necessary cookies: These are essential cookies that allow the User to browse this Website and use its features (for instance: graphics, design, colors). These cookies do not collect any information about the User, which could be used for advertisement or to record the activity of the User on the internet.  The list of strictly necessary cookies used on the Website can be viewed by pressing here.


2.3.2. Performance cookies: These are cookies that do collect anonymous information about how the User uses this Website, for instance, which are the most visited pages, and/or whether the User faces any error messages. These cookies do not collect any information which could identify the User, all the data collected/processed by these cookies are anonymous, being exclusively used by Enel or on behalf of Enel. Performance cookies are only used to improve how this website works. The list of performance cookies used on the Website can be viewed by pressing here.


2.3.3. Flash cookies: These are cookies used to store the User’s preferences, such as the volume control, high game scores or display of contents based on what the User could have previously viewed on the website. Flash cookies are different from other cookies used on this website due to the manner in which the data is stored. The cookie management tools offered by your browser will not remove Flash cookies. The list of Flash cookies used on the Website can be viewed by pressing here.


2.3.4. Marketing cookies – These are persistent cookies that track the User's online activity and help advertisers deliver more relevant advertising or limit the number of times the User sees an ad. These cookies may share this information with other organizations or advertisers. These cookies may share this information with other organizations or advertisers. For instance, these marketing cookies may be transmitted to advertising companies to make the advertisements that the User sees more relevant to them, to allow the User to share certain pages on social networks, or to allow them to publish comments on the website. The list of marketing cookies used on the Website can be viewed by pressing here.


3. Cookie management via browser settings


3.1. Almost all Internet browsers allow you to check out which cookies are present on your hard drive, block cookies, or receive a warning every time a cookie is installed. However, in certain instance, not installing a cookie renders impossible the use of certain sections of the Website.


3.2. Next, we list the methods offered by the main browsers to allow users to express their choices about the use of cookies:



3.3. When you use a mobile device, check out the user manual to learn how to manage cookies.


3.4. For more information about cookies, including how to view the cookies that were set on this device and how to manage and delete them, access www.allaboutcookies.org.


3.5. Facebook and Adobe Marketing Cloud cookies can be refused in accordance with the procedure indicated by the two providers. Therefore, using the website without refusing these cookies implies the user's consent to the processing of their data by Facebook and Adobe Marketing Cloud for the purposes described above.


3.6. The data privacy policy of Facebook can be found on its website at https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/. To view the Adobe Marketing Cloud policy, access https://www.adobe.com/it/privacy.html.


For additional information about the processing of users' personal data personal, access the Privacy Policy.


Enel reserves the right to make any amendments and corrections of this document. Any amendment of this document will be displayed on this page so that you are aware of our policies. Therefore, we recommend the Website visitors to regularly check out and read Enel's cookie policy to be updated about the potential amendments of this document.


Notice updated August 2022