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Why redesign energy installations

Today’s companies evolve in a dynamic and challenging environment, in which leading technologies may bring competitive advantages and, in the future, new revenue sources. If you need to adjust to tomorrow’s needs the installations by which you consume or produce energy in your company’s work points, with Enel X it is a sure thing. You will obtain a resilient, safe energy infrastructure which will lead the way to energy cost reduction and a higher flexibility.

How it works?

Change, expand and/or modernize your energy infrastructure in conformity with the current standards and legislation in force, but also because your needs are constantly evolving.

With Enel X, you will benefit from an electric installation based on cutting-edge technology, which complies with the highest standards of safety and stability.

We start with the assessment of the perimeter where the buildings and/or production plants are located, if theyalready exist, or with the analysis of the needs, for projects that involve the construction of new production units. 

What are the next steps for modernization of the industrial electrical units, equipment and installations?

  • Design

The development and setting-up support of the electrical infrastructure, for example, medium and high voltage distribution networks and transformer substations.

How energy infrastructure works