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What are photovoltaic panels and storage solutions?

Many big and small companies from Romania are drawn by the idea of increasing energy flexibility, given that it brings significant savings on the electricity bill and represents a contribution to decarbonisation. The energy produced by photovoltaic panels is renewable and may cover an important part of the energy necessary for businesses from various branches of the industry. With Enel X, you can move to the first line of energy transition becoming a prosumer, we will guide you step by step in choosing the optimal solution for your needs to increase energy efficiency and independence.

How it works?

What are the steps for setting up a photovoltaic panels system with storage solutions with Enel X?

  • We start with a technical inspection of the location in order to assess the space available, the orientation and exposure of the free surfaces on which the photovoltaic panels could be installed.

  • We then assess the advisability of the investment in a photovoltaic system that harnesses the space available, by a technical-economic feasibility study

  • We propose a comprehensive solution for your company: we start with the overall and detailed design of the entire system. 

Enel X engineers continue with the installation, parameterization, network integration, commissioning of your new performance photovoltaic system that will generate renewable energyWe can provide the operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system for your business, during and post warranty, at competitive prices - with the possibility of payment deferral for an agreed period of time.

Enel X guides you to identify the most suitable choices to meet the energy needs of your company from a sustainability point of view.

Depending on the needs and the specifics of the location where the photovoltaic panels system will be installed, Enel X offers companies:

  • solutions connected to the grid (on-grid) 

  • independent solutions (off-grid), meaning systems isolated from the local distribution grid.

Photovoltaic systems that include modules, support structures, inverters and photovoltaic panels can be set up on the ground or on any other outdoor surface, as well as building roofs, outdoor structures, facades or garages.


Due to the various partnerships with important industry producers, Enel X offers its customers a wide range of innovative products. Here are some examples:

  • “Half-Cell” solar cells, capable of providing a higher efficiency in case of fault or panel shadowing, 

  • inverters equipped with “Modular Power System” which, thanks to a specific architecture, ensure a higher productivity in comparison with traditional inverters, due to the fact that the different modules that form the inverter are gradually activated, only when the system needs them.

The road to sustainability starts from your needs, so you can count on our rapid response with business-ready solutions, based on the most recent technologies.

The photovoltaic system is a reliable technology, stable over time, with an average lifespan of more than 20 years. 

Innovative technologies bring you the opportunity to harness the green and inexhaustible solar energy. These photovoltaic panels systems guarantee a high degree of flexibility, due to their modularity, even in the event in which your consumption will grow. 


How photovoltaic panels work