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Innovation ecosystem

As part of the Enel Group, which leads the global energy transformation, Enel X is dedicated to continuous innovation. Enel X finds, feeds, fuses and fine-tunes products created by emerging companies and opens their access to global markets. Technological progress is in perfect synergy with the skills of capitalization and adaptation to the needs of our global team's customers. As in all other countries where we offer advanced solutions, in Romania we are interested in partnerships with the bright minds of the time, which can accelerate the energy transition of organizations around the world.

The product innovation laboratory


An environment proper for innovation

Innovation is an incomparable benefit. It means presenting new products and services up to speed with the times and interests of customers. It means providing motivation to employees.

It is fundamental to maintain an environment in which innovation is an uninterrupted process, not an exception. It is an urgent challenge nowadays, marked by a fiercer competition and more and more demanding customers.


Jump to continuous innovation

It is about the transition from the traditional “incremental” innovation, in which ideas and changes appear one by one, to a more impactful approach: continuous innovation. Here is a method by which innovation is incorporated even in the company's processes. It's the way we respond creatively and quickly to needs and encourage employees to innovate even more, which creates a virtuous circle.

A dedicated structure

We work synergistically with the Innovation and Sustainability department of Enel Group. We went even further and gave life to a structure created to encourage continuous innovation and its transformation into value for the company and customers: the Product Innovation Laboratory.

Integrated analysis of the innovation projects

The laboratory has developed a model through which innovation follows a 4-phase process. At the end of each, we evaluate the transition to the next.

The whole process lasts 6 months, at the end of which the innovative project will become an independent product. Moreover, the results obtained will fuel the development of new ideas.

And continuous innovation.



Creation and collection of ideas

Initial evaluation stage: The Innovative Product Identification Committee, composed of members of the Product Innovation Laboratory, conducts a preliminary analysis.



Preliminary design and pre-feasibility survey

Second evaluation stage: The Innovative Products Analysis Committee initiates a more technical and detailed business evaluation. The global business lines and the other functions of the company, relevant in the context of the projects, are now involved.

Detailed surveys and refining

Approved projects benefit from in-depth feasibility studies. It's time for a detailed adjustment.

Execution and feedback

The fourth phase consists in carrying out the projects and verifying the clients' interest for them.

The fourth stage of the evaluation takes place in a meeting - known as the meeting to deliver innovative products. The projects that have been definitively approved enter the portfolio of global business lines, which launch them on different markets. 

How it works