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Are you ready for a sustainable business?

Transport accounts for 40% of a country's typical energy consumption, so electrifying transport is one of the most efficient ways to reduce our carbon footprint. In this direction, Enel X has developed the most innovative solutions for the business environment. If you represent a company and want to offer electric car charging services to your employees, Enel X stands by your side in this journey.

Our charging solutions for companies

Enel X has developed efficient and reliable internal charging infrastructures for companies that own a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles. Car charging stations for commercial use are designed to meet all the needs of a company. Charging stations (with direct or alternating current) are connected to the centralized Electric Mobility Management System platform, which also manages public networks: customers can access both infrastructure networks and diversify the charging options.

Charging solutions for companies

JuiceNet Manager from Enel X

Enel X monitoring portal

For companies that own a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles, Enel X provides innovative products to ensure comfortable and safe charging. In addition to the physical infrastructure for charging electric cars, we have developed a commercial offer, addressed especially to company customers, which includes a number of additional services, starting from the initial consultancy, in order to accompany customers in their transition to electric mobility. Other services include an application and an RFID card with access to public and private charging infrastructures, as well as a portal dedicated to the management of companies' electric vehicle fleets.