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Why leave operation and maintenance to us

Many companies have chosen to cut down on electricity expenses in their offices and have been investing in distributed generation sources. If you represent a company that wants to leverage this energy flexibility, you may assign operation and maintenance services to Enel X. You will get rid of the worries regarding certain malfunctions in the installations and discover the benefits of a strategic partnership.

How it works

Starting from a history analysis (data analysis) of your plant’s malfunction, we come up with a predictive maintenance plan, which may also include a remote monitoring camera.

What are the characteristics of the Enel X operation and maintenance services?

  • a solution that is active 365 days per year

  • adapted to your specifications

  • complying with the provisions of the legislation in force

We can offer package business-ready solutions: we can combine O&M with a sustainable energy production equipment.

Our “energy as a service” (EaaS) approach opens new possibilities for the energy transformation of your company, for low energy costs, flexibility and resilience.


How operation and maintenance work