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Why choose cogeneration and trigeneration with Enel X

We satisfy your needs in terms of energy efficiency and flexibility with progressive services for generating electricity, heating and cooling by cogeneration and trigeneration plants working with natural gas. You will have a higher productivity with the same energy quantity consumed! The companies for which we accelerate the energy transformation usually activate in sectors such as health, food, sport, hotels, relaxation and shopping centers, as well as in industries specialized in paper, fabric, chemistry, petrochemistry or plastic products. Do you ever wonder if going on cogeneration and/or trigeneration is suitable also for your company? With Enel X, you have zero financial and technical risk, and the benefits will ensure the amortization of the investment.

How it works

Enel X offers you an all-round service for the implementation of cogeneration and trigeneration using the ESCO MODEL formula. Here are the steps that you will follow in order to have a plant that is fully self-sustaining as an investment:

  • We analyse your company’s energy consumption and the sizing of the existing plant

  • We design the plant

  • We provide support for obtaining the permits and authorizations

  • We built the cogeneration/trigeneration plant

  • We provide the natural gas, fuel with which the plant operates

  • We handle operation and maintenance during the term of the agreement.


We conclude an energy performance agreement, which may be customized starting from your needs and may include:

  • Supply of electricity, heating and cooling for the entire term of the agreement, complying with the minimum quantities you need;

  • Guaranteed discount even in the event of an interruption of the plant operation due to a fault;

  • Advanced price policy, with indexed prices;

  • Possibility to initiate strategic operations for establishing prices during the supply and/or renegotiation during the year, depending on certain market indicators;

  • The customer may choose to buy the system/renew the agreement when it expires;

  • Profit share in the event of incremental benefits.

In this variant, we follow the same steps: from analysis to the design and construction of the plant, but the agreement is different. In the Sale formula, we will conclude a sales contract that will stipulate the supply of natural gas and other additional optional services. 

You can count on flexibility when it comes to the payment of the new cogeneration/trigeneration plant. You may choose: 

  • Full payment
  • Payment by monthly installments
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