Change the way you use energy

Change the way you use energy

Turn energy into a source of competitive advantage

Your strategic partner for energy solutions

Enel X is a global business offering smart, simple, and fast technologies and services to help businesses make intelligent decisions about the way energy is created, stored and managed.

We develop, execute, and refine custom energy strategies to give businesses a source of competitive advantage. We help organisations of all sizes to manage energy more strategically, efficiently, and sustainably.

Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) provides Demand Response and critical grid services to support Australia's transition to renewable energy, while earning participating businesses regular payments and enhancing operational resilience.

Join more than 200 customers across Australia and New Zealand that have partnered with Enel X to identify and solve their unique energy challenges and capitalise on their biggest opportunities.

Our products and services

Power Flexibility

Power Flexibility

Earn regular payments for providing Demand Response as part of our Virtual Power Plant

Energy Purchasing

Energy Purchasing

Develop an energy purchasing strategy to manage risk and lower costs

Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Reduce costs, improve resilience and earn payments with energy storage

Utility Bill Management

Utility Bill Management

Simplify utility bill payment, identify bill errors, and streamline reporting

Our customers

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Enel X is poised to supply 30% of the total FCAS need

Our VPP is growing rapidly, and is on track to supply 30% of the frequency control market need this year. Learn more.

Whitepaper: Ensure continuity of power during emergencies

Elevate your backup generation testing practices to achieve a new standard of preparation. Lean more here.

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South Australian Backup Boost Program

We have partnered with the SA government to provide support to local businesses by changing the way they use energy.