Change the way you use energy

Change the way you use energy

Turn energy into your competitive advantage

Less risk. More reward.

Less risk. More reward.

Protect your operations and secure new revenue with your backup generator

Flexibility is Power

Our energy system is being transformed by the large-scale move to lower cost renewable power. The cost of energy is becoming more dynamic throughout the course of the day, and the future cost of energy is increasingly volatile and hard to predict.

Businesses that develop power flexibility to strategically shift when they use grid power are at a significant advantage. It offers a new source of revenue, reduces retail electricity costs and improves the ROI on renewable power investments.

About Enel X

Enel X harnesses transformative technologies to create simple, intuitive solutions for people, cities and businesses. We have more than 3,000 employees worldwide focused on sustainable innovation that rises to the challenge of tomorrow.

We are leading the global energy transition, with three primary objectives:

  • To meet customer goals for reduced energy costs and the decarbonisation of their energy use
  • To provide flexibility to the electricity grid to allow for smooth integration of increasing quantities of renewable energy and distributed energy resources
  • To act as an accelerating agent for the electrification of diverse uses of energy

We’ve been in Australia and New Zealand since 2004 and currently work with more than 200 businesses across diverse industry sectors. Learn more about our key product and service offerings below.

Leverage operational flexibility to improve your bottom line

Strategically shift when you use electricity from the grid to earn revenue and reduce energy costs.  

Power flexibility can come from on-site generators, temporary adjustments to equipment energy usage, or new technologies like energy storage.

We are the flexibility market leaders, providing turnkey services that offer maximum value across multiple flexibility opportunities.

Leverage operational flexibility to improve your bottom line

An innovative approach to energy purchasing

With changing market conditions and technologies, there are new ways to improve your energy purchasing outcomes. Our expert team helps businesses find new ways to approach energy purchasing, with a focus on lower long-term electricity costs and price risk exposure. We help you:

  • Optimise when you contract your price for energy  (progressive purchasing)
  • Optimise electricity consumption in relation to underlying wholesale prices
  • Competitively source energy on the best terms

An innovative approach to energy purchasing

Improve the solar business case with power flexibility

For most businesses with or considering solar power, there is an opportunity to use flexibility to reduce your facility’s peak demand, which will lower your monthly network charges. These savings can dramatically improve your solar return on investment.

Leveraging our flexibility platform, we can turn this opportunity into a value stream in your solar power business case.

Improve the solar business case with power flexibility

An important piece of the energy future

Batteries will play a critical role in balancing renewable power on the grid in the future. As prices drop, on-site batteries will unlock significant cost savings for businesses. 

We are an early mover, with a proprietary optimisation engine that can maximise the value of storage. 

Today, we offer:

  • Sophisticated simulation of what storage can do for you
  • A shared savings approach where we own the project and unlock immediate savings for you

An important piece of the energy future

The electric vehicle is the future

There are already four million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, with a rapidly increasing adoption rate. Our mission is to become a key player in global electric mobility. We offer electric vehicle charging stations and services around the world, focussing on the orchestration of intelligent charging.

As the electric vehicle market develops in Australia, we’ll leverage our global experience to bring innovative products to market.

The electric vehicle is the future

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