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Energy flexibility changes the way your company consumes and produces energy

Global trends are already marked: sustainability becomes a reality when more and more companies choose to go on the energy flexibility road. And how can they not do that when this brings energy efficiency and even new sources of income? Regardless of the industry the company operates in, when you become a prosumer, you enjoy flexibility and you become an active player in the energy sector! In Enel X, we use an approach based on digitalization and constant innovation, which focuses on achieving sustainability, a vital element of our perspective. Enel X is your strategic partner on the road to sustainability: we come up with business-ready solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and harness the power of renewable sources.

Discover Enel X Response

Discover demand response

Enel X unleashes a new energy approach. We support you in transforming your business processes from sources of costs to real opportunities, simply, by the way you consume and generate energy. Our flexibility programs can be your new source of income: you win an annual compensation in exchange for the company’s availability to address the emergencies of the electricity grid and you benefit from additional payments when you effectively intervene to level out the network by the management of own consumption.

Distributed energy sources

Based on an assessment of the company site, we design, develop and set up a functional and versatile power station. In case of a location with more than one distributed source, you may create a microgrid. Therefore, you have the opportunity to interconnect the devices which consume energy and production assets, so that they work either when connected to the electric grid, or autonomously. You can produce and store distribute energy by a photovoltaic power plant equipped with batteries, and also by a cogeneration/trigeneration solution, by which you autonomously produce energy from natural gas and additionally capitalize on the fuel, for heating and/or cooling.

Cogeneration and trigeneration with Enel X

Solar panel systems

Do you want to produce renewable energy?

We accelerate your energy transformation and we are alongside you every step of the installation of the photovoltaic system with storage batteries. From the assessment of the installation area to the commissioning. We collaborate with innovative panel manufacturers and we offer you the experience of a team of specialists. Use solar energy for a higher flexibility in order to reduce costs with electricity and open new ways to harness sustainable energy for the future.