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Do you want to purchase industrial equipment?

What kind of industrial equipment are we offering you?

Electricity powers the installations of the companies according to technical parameters that may sometimes record variations damaging for the devices. There are only wins if you choose to develop the energy infrastructure of your company and pick cutting-edge industrial energetic equipment: UPS, PFC and generators. The safety and resilience of your installation fully justify the investment, so that you limit your losses in case of electric malfunctions.

Industrial equipment for energy and efficiency resilience

Uninterruptible power sources (UPS) provide a continual supply when energy is suddenly interrupted. They become operational for providing protection to overvoltage and voltage disturbances and prevent the malfunction of the power supplied devices.


Power factor correction systems (PFC) are advanced solutions that help you increase the quality of the power supply. PFC brings direct savings, by reducing the costs due to the suboptimal consumption.
Electrical energy generators reduce the risks for your business, as they will provide the backup power supply.
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