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Gemi shopping Center from Arad chose the green energy of photovoltaic systems

Gemi shopping Center from Arad chose the green energy of photovoltaic systems and electrical charging stations


Gemi Center is a company with all Romanian private capital and the first shopping center ever opened in Arad. Located in one of the areas with the highest urban density of the City of Arad – on the road that connects Timisoara, Arad and Oradea, the shopping center accommodates retail spaces on two levels, a playground and a sports center.


Increasing energy efficiency through investments in renewable energy technologies was essential for Gemi Center, out of the desire to become a sustainable and modern shopping center for its contractors and visitors.


The operator of the Gemi Center wants to have an efficient control of the annual energy consumption and envisaged implementing smart solutions for monitoring and optimizing this consumption with a view to keeping the building's energy performance at an optimal level.


With the aid of green energy, Gemi Center has become a sustainable company, that will significantly cut down its energy costs, while also reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

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”Energy consumption optimization is very important for a shopping and sports center, and the solution proposed by Enel X is one that meets our needs. At the same time, our customers are open to electric mobility, some of them already owning electric vehicles. For this reason, our plan included also solutions for charging these vehicles."


Cosma Gheorghe, General Manager of Gemi Center


Enel X proposed placement of a stand-alone photovoltaic system on the roof of the shopping center, connected to the general switchboard of the building, as well as installation of electrical infrastructure solutions and JuicePole charging stations for visitors that drive electric vehicles.


The photovoltaic system consists of:

  • 318 high-efficiency Canadian Solar photovoltaic panels, with polycrystalline-type cells
  • 1 power inverter of 100 kW – manufacturer ABB
  • Metal support structure for ballast-mounting with concrete tiles on the roof
  • Communication and monitoring system




Each JuicePole electrical vehicle charging station:

  • can charge two vehicles at the same time (22 kW for each socket)
  • can be accessed via the JuicePass mobile application or a RFID card
  • is compatible with all available electric vehicles with self-locking type 2/type 3a sockets available in Europe.

The equipment and technologies used by Enel X in the project have high performance and reliability and are sourced from traditional producers on the global photovoltaic system market.



Reduction of annuall consumption 

The system installed by Enel on the Gemi Center building in Arad will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 48.6 tons/year, it has an installed capacity of 103.35 KW.


Reduction of costs


Gemi Center will achieve a reduction in annual costs with the help of renewable energy, and, in the long run, will allow the center's contractors to reduce their energy bills, too.





Digitalization of processes


Applying the "eco-design" logic and architecture, for both photovoltaic panels and the JuicePole charging stations, Enel X has available smart hardware and software to optimize and monitor the proposed systems with a view to obtaining the best possible architecture and maximizing the energy produced and performance.


These actions aim to find an ideal cost-benefit ratio for the Gemi Center, with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

”The investments made by the operator of Gemi Center of Arad show that increasingly more Romanian entrepreneurs are interested in clean energy, obtained from renewable sources both because of its reduced costs, and its sustainability."


Laurențiu Brumaru , Head of Sales and Marketing e-Industries, Enel X România

Gemi shopping Center from Arad chose the green energy of photovoltaic systems and electrical vehicle charging stations

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