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What is the energy audit?

The road to the optimization of your company’s energy profile starts with the first step: the analysis of the way in which the business uses the energy, an energy audit for buildings. The expertise of the Enel X team guarantees the transparency of some processes that you can later on optimize. We assess the performance of the energy equipment and identify the energy efficiency growth opportunities. Not only will your company benefit from an energy consumption reduction, but also the environment will gain from the implicit decarbonization resulting from this transformation.

How it works

The energy audit service for companies allows the consumption analysis and determination of the efficiency level of a production plant or of a part of the location.

Energy diagnosis is the first step for obtaining an overall assessment of the production system and starts with the analysis phase.

In this phase, we collect and analyse all the data on the use of various types of energy (electricity, gas, oxygen etc.) for an energy audit report.

We design the energy model of your company and we identify the measuring systems recommended for installation. We choose the right place to install them.

Generally, these communicate with a remote control system which collects the data and, depending on the energy model, generates the initial reports.

Enel X also offers a dedicated monitoring platform called Energy Management System. What benefits does access to this digital instrument provide? EMS solution:

  • collects and analyses energy consumption and/or production

  • provides consumption transparency by intuitive display, so that you can take informed decisions

  • it recommends specific measures in order to increase energy efficiency.

How energy audit works