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How to become a prosumer

How to become a prosumer

People who want to install photovoltaic panel systems on the roof or on the ground, in order to ensure the production of electricity for their own consumption, assume the capacity of prosumer provided they opt for an on-grid system.

Kaufland Romania has chosen green energy from Enel X

Solution: Photovoltaic system mounted on the ground next to the Kaufland Turda logistics center

Enel X photovoltaic calculator

Enel X photovoltaic calculator, the first step towards an energy efficient company

Electric Up with Enel X

How to access Electric Up with Enel X

Find out the most important details about the Electric Up applicant's guide and access this program with Enel X.

Electric Up cu Enel X

Electric car charging stations from Enel X financed by Electric Up

We all dream of a future, but we mustn't forget that the security of the future begins with the elections of the present

High-performance photovoltaic panels from Enel X, financed by Electric Up

The Fox Companies Group

FOX promotes special Romanian tastes, in a sustainable way

The Fox Companies Group is one of the largest national generalist producers of sausages with Romanian shareholders


Masofma produces sustainable furniture with photovoltaic panels

Masofma is a company that produces furniture, as well as accessories and furniture materials.

Gemi shopping center in Arad

The Gemi shopping center in Arad chose the green energy of photovoltaic systems

Gemi Center is a company with fully Romanian private capital and is the first shopping center opened in Arad.

Gema Superb

Gema Superb implements Enel X energy efficiency solutions

LTA Mondial

LTA Mondial produces vegetable oil with the help of green energy

"At LTA Mondial, we set out to be as close to nature as possible and to respect the environment."