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Do you want to use the platform for your company?

What is the Energy Management Solution?

Energy Management System is an energy consumption monitoring platform, dedicated to companies from Romania and around the world. The application collects and analyses indicators regarding energy, such as consumption, costs, and other information. The data become visible in real time, and the program helps clients identify useful measures to take in order to correct and optimize energy consumption. You reduce the risks, the expenses, you win predictability and sustainability for your business. You can choose from a wide range of additional professional services, which will maximize the energy efficiency of your company.

How it works

  • Verification: displays the energy consumption for the entire portfolio and compares locations using performance indicators

  • Energy profile: monitors and displays electric (active/reactive energy, powers, voltage, streams, frequency, power factor) and non electric (gas flow, water, thermal energy) parameters

  • Analysis: allows complex analysis of the electric parameters (graphic, tables)

  • Reports: allows the generation of automated reports based on the recorded data

  • Alarms: sends immediate notifications by email if deviations from the preset settings are observed

  • Costs: offers the possibility to estimate the invoice based on the consumption recorded

  • Forecast: makes consumption predictions based on the history of the recorded data 

In 2018, Energy Management System was the leader in the software category according to VERDANTIX, an independent consultancy company. The platform deserves the recognition, as it accelerates the energy transformation of our customers every day. Here is how:

  • The evolution of the energy consumption becomes transparent, and so do the costs.

  • The energy performance of your company has improved.

  • You have easy access, you may consult the platform directly from the telephone or the computer, by an application. 

  • You may automatically identify the measures recommended to implement the energy saving initiatives, thus transforming a suggestion into a concrete improvement opportunity.

You can choose the offer best suited to your needs, from the configuration of the monitoring platform to the implementation of the measuring instruments, up to an all-rounded, integrated solution, which guarantees the best energy optimization.


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