Build competitive advantage from your energy use

Build competitive advantage from your energy use

Enel X is your strategic partner in energy management and infrastructure

Flexibility is Power

Taiwan’s energy system is changing due to renewable power and ongoing electricity market reforms, which is creating significant opportunities for businesses to change how they power their operations. 

Businesses that invest in power flexibility – the ability to intelligently adjust when they use electricity from the grid – are driving down energy costs, reducing price risk, and facilitating their transition to renewable power.

Introducing Enel X

Backed by Enel, one of the world’s 100 largest companies, we were established to be a factory for innovative energy-related services. While our name may be new to some, we are leading the transformation of the energy sector around the world.

In Taiwan, our mission is to help businesses harness power flexibility to transform how they power their operations. We are the global market leader in this space, managing a 24/7 “virtual power plant” across five continents, equal in size to six nuclear power plants.

We opened our office in Taiwan in 2016, and are the leading independent company in power flexibility. We work with a diverse range of commercial and industrial businesses including cold storage, food processing, manufacturing, and industrial facilities. With the recent passing of the Electricity Act Amendments and Renewable Energy Act Amendments, we expect demand side power flexibility reserves to grow and reach as much as 20% of total market reserves.

As Taiwan strives to become greener and pollution free, virtual power plants will continue to play an increasingly significant role in optimising energy assets for businesses and enhancing resilience of the power system. We aim to part of Taiwan’s circular economy, where higher power flexibility leads to a reliable and accommodating power system, leading to a flexible, stable and green economy.

Driven by electricity market reforms, the opportunities for innovative businesses to earn money from power flexibility will grow tenfold over the next five years. We believe we are the only company with the expertise, technology platform and financial strength necessary to help businesses capture maximum value from these growing opportunities.

Leverage operational flexibility to improve your bottom line

Intelligently alter when you use electricity from the grid to earn revenue and reduce your energy costs.

Power flexibility can come from on-site generators, temporary adjustments to equipment energy usage, or new technologies like energy storage.

We are the flexibility market leaders today, and we provide turnkey services to get you the maximum value across all categories of flexibility opportunities.

Leverage operational flexibility to improve your bottom line

An important piece of the energy future

As prices drop, on-site batteries will unlock significant cost savings opportunities for businesses. We are an early mover, with proprietary optimisation software that can maximise the value of storage. We offer:

  • Sophisticated simulation of what storage can do for you
  • A shared savings approach where we own the project risk and unlock immediate savings for you

An important piece of the energy future

The electric vehicle is the future

There are four million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, with a rapidly increasing adoption rate.

Our mission is to become a key player in global electric mobility. We offer electric vehicle charging stations and services, focussing on the orchestration of intelligent charging.

As the electric vehicle market develops in Taiwan, we’ll leverage our global experience and technology to offer innovative solutions.

The electric vehicle is the future

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Enel X launches demand response program in Taiwan

We are offering demand response services to Taiwanese businesses who adjust power consumption to earn new revenue while stabilizing the country’s power grid

Enel X Taiwan brochure

Learn more about our innovative solutions for Taiwanese businesses in our brochure (published in Traditional Chinese).

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