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We increase the energy efficiency of buildings

Companies from various industries seek to transform the buildings used as offices or working points according to the energy transition. Enel X guides you through this radical rethinking of the way you consume energy during industrial processes. We come to your aid with advanced equipment that enhances the energy efficiency of the buildings. We accelerate the change by using integrated solutions, which help you extract as much value as possible from this smart orientation towards the future.

How it works

Following a detailed analysis of your energy consumption, we assess, project and install advanced energy efficiency solutions that optimize the consumption in buildings and industrial units.

What we can install in order to increase the energy efficiency of industrial buildings, thus reducing energy costs:

  • monitoring and control meters

  • ultra-efficient LED lighting technologies 

  • smart sensors (building management system - BMS) 

  • heating and air conditioning systems that reduce the primary electricity consumption

  • high-efficiency industrial water heaters that can be associated with cogeneration systems

  • uninterrupted power sources (UPS

  • systems for the correction of the power factor (PFC).

Offering all-in-one solutions. We can integrate the energy efficiency of the buildings with an energy diagnosis and with monitoring and control programs. 

Also, we offer you various financial options, in line with our EaaS approach (energy as service).


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