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FOX promotes Romanian tastes in a sustainable way

FOX promotes Romanian tastes in a sustainable way


The Fox Group of companies is one of the largest Romanian shareholding cold meat manufacturers, with about 900 employees and coordinates business lines with over 10,000 outlets.

 It owns a production unit in Bucharest and conducts its activity by two companies: Fox Com Serv (involved in the production business) and Fox Com Serv Distribution (distribution and sales).


The Company intends to invest in technologies by which the long term power consumption will be diminished, with a direct impact on cost lowering, thus guaranteeing an additional competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market. 

Photovoltaic system simulator

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We struggle for a cleaner air by the power of the example, the green energy having an instantaneous impact on the FOX products. We started with electric vehicles, continued with the energy of the PV cells and other investments will follow, with the same beneficial consequences on the users' health."


Iulian Marinică, CEO FOX COM SERV


Enel X Romania proposed the turn-key supply of an ON-GRID PV system by the installation of the following components

  • 2,640 photovoltaic panels with poly-crystal type cells at ground level
  • 432 photovoltaic panels with poly-crystal cell installed on a sunshade type structure specifically designed for the parking lot
  •  39 inverters with rated power of 25 kW
  • prefabricated metal structures specifically designed for PV systems placed on the ground or in parking lots
  • SMA Smart Meter monitoring system




The system was designed and sized for self-consumption considering that the customer becomes a prosumer that does not inflow any energy into the system. The equipment and technologies used by Enel X in the project have high performance and reliability, and are sourced from acknowledged producers on the global photovoltaic system market.



Reduction of annual consumption


The project of Enel X Romania will help the company to decrease significantly its annual power consumption and also to prevent the emissions of glasshouse gases of about 391.13 tons per year. The photovoltaic panels system has a total installed capacity of 998.4 kWp


Reduction of costs


FOX COM SERV will manage to diminish its annual costs with the help of the green energy and will have a modern and sustainable technical basis for production.





Digitalization of processes


By using of the "eco-design" logic and architecture to find an ideal cost-benefit ratio, Enel X Romania supplies equipment and software applications specialized in the optimization and monitoring the proposed PV systems. Therefore, FOX benefits from the most advanced technologies to maximize the energy production and the performance, with a minimum impact on the environment.

The solution proposed by us result from some analyses which best answer the needs of the customers and consider the particularities of each company, so that we maximize the energy efficiency level those companies can reach. The complex project conducted together with FOX has brought, apart from the benefits reflected in the energy bill, the achievement of some sustainability objectives targeted by the company."


Andrei Horhoianu , Head of Engineering & Operations, Enel X România

FOX promotes Romanian tastes in a sustainable way

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