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LTA Mondial

LTA Mondial produces vegetal oil by using green energy generated by photovoltaic systems


LTA Mondial was established in 1997 and its main business was the collection, primary processing and the export of wool and hide.

Later on, its activity diversified and the company is currently involved in the organic crop cultivation (sunflower, rape, flax) for the ecological production of vegetable oil. The company is seeking a sustainable development, so it pays a special attention to the quality of its products and also to the local environment and economy. 


The enhancement of energy efficiency by investments in the generation of energy from renewable sources has been essential for LTA Mondial, in order to reach a high level of competitiveness on a very dynamic market. 


49% of the oil and decorticated seed production of LTA Mondial is exported to Europe and to other countries like China and USA. In order to continue its goal of becoming one of the most sustainable and respectable food producers with Romanian shareholding, the company intends to adopt a modern system of green energy generation, in order to significantly diminish its annual consumption and emission of glasshouse gases. 

Photovoltaic system simulator

Choose the green energy of a photovoltaic system to power your business.

At LTA Mondial, we are set to get as close to nature as possible and to respect the environment. That is why we have decided to invest in the photovoltaic panels system designed and installed by Enel X Romania in our factory in Baia, this system enabling us to reduce the costs of the electric power we consume."


Adam Liuță, General Manager of LTA Mondial


Enel X Romania proposed the turn-key implementation of a PV system installed on the roof of the workshop in Baia, Tulcea county, as follows:

  • 432 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, with polycrystalline-type cells
  • 2 inverters
  • one supporting metallic structure
  • one monitoring system



  • Panels (Canadian Solar) have been installed on the roof, supported with specifically designed metallic structures and two inverters (one of 100kW and the second of 50 kW - ABB manufacture) have been installed at ground level, on metallic support.

The system is designed for self-consumption, the customer being a prosumator who does not inject electric power in the grid. The equipment and technologies used by Enel X for this project have high levels of performance and reliability, these being sourced from acknowledged manufacturers.



Reduction of costs


LTA Mondial will manage to decrease the annual costs by the use of green energy, the estimation being that it will recover the investment in the PV system in six years and four months. 


Reduction of annual consumption


The project of Enel X Romania will help the company to decrease its annual power consumption from the network by almost 8% and also to prevent the emissions of glasshouse gases of about 86 tons per year.

The PV system has an installed capacity of 155.52 kW, capable of producing energy in a quantity of about 188 MWh per year.





Digitalization of processes


By using the "eco-design" logic and architecture in order to find an ideal ratio between cost and benefit, Enel X Romania supplies equipment and software applications specialized in the optimization and monitoring of the proposed PV systems.


Thus, LTA Mondial benefits from the most advanced technologies in order to maximize the energy production and the performance, with a minimum impact on the environment. 

The project we have just completed together with LTA Mondial is a model to be followed also by other companies which want to become sustainable and to achieve at the same time a reduction of the operating costs."


Vlad Isvoranu , Key Account Manager e-Industries, Enel X România

LTA Mondial produces vegetal oil by using green energy generated by photovoltaic system

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