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Do you want to use the platform for the company’s electric fleet?

What is JuiceNet Manager?

JuiceNet Manager is our digital system that allows companies to manage in an integrated way the entire fleet of electric vehicles, through an accessible portal on the Enel X website.

How it works

Here you see all the essential information and data about your charging points (public and private) and their activity.
You monitor ongoing or completed sessions by all users. Data can be filtered by date, session type, socket type, or user type.
JuiceNet Manager allows drivers to use the Corporate Profile in the JuicePass app. You can filter by locations, cost centers, first and last name, and you can also manage roles and permissions.
You manage the activation status of the cards, the key features for managing the carpool and the level of use in case of car rental. You edit their details.
You see how much energy has been consumed at private and internal charging points. You have access to details about the sessions performed at a certain point. You filter by type of sockets, current availability, use of charging points, cities and locations. You can enable and disable dashboard sessions.
On the Locations page, you see the list of registered locations and charging points installed at a specific address.
How does JuiceNet Manager work