Become an Enel X Innovation Partner

We are creating an ecosystem that connects us with startups, research centres, universities and clients, opening our product experimentation to input from different contexts.

We are interested in intercepting innovation just as the first sparks are appearing, which is why we rely on the Labs, Hubs and Research centres we work with.

In the case of Enel Innovation Hubs, our aim is to create a global network of centres for research, collaboration and the pooling of ideas and expertise, where technologically revolutionary ideas can be transformed into business solutions.

Enel X works on the ground with startups and SMEs to develop new businesses with the assistance of powerful technological support and within a hyper-connected system of horizontal sharing of ideas, needs and solutions.

Once projects have passed the test phase, the new innovation solutions are introduced on a global scale through Enel’s international networks and plants.

Enel Innovation Hub


In the Tel Aviv hub we work in close contact with one of Israel’s most productive tech communities, which has shown great skill in identifying the most original products and the most interesting startups. Thanks to an agreement signed with Israel’s Innovation Authority, Enel can provide financial backing for the young Israeli companies it is working with. A perfect example of this stimulating environment is the innovation workshop our Group has created, in partnership with Shikun & Binui, to develop new smart grid and smart infrastructure technology.


The quintessential tech environment, Silicon Valley is where IT began, and it remains the source of the planet’s most revolutionary ideas. The San Francisco Hub provides the perfect microclimate for developing the solutions of the future, with the support of agreements with universities, venture capital funds and incubators/accelerators dedicated to collaborations between Enel and emerging startups.


One of the top five countries worldwide for the number of startups, Chile is the benchmark for South America’s technological revolution. Our Enel Innovation Hub in the capital, Santiago, is where we design and develop innovative solutions with some of the sector’s key players, including the Startup Chile fast-track programme, the leader in the South American market and one of the most active at a global level.


Skolkovo, Russia’s Silicon Valley, is home to a technological centre that includes a university, labs and startups. Less than 30 kilometres from Moscow, this city of innovation is where the Enel Innovation Hub is based. In collaboration with the Skolkovo Foundation and Skolkovo Business School, Enel is engaged in a constant search for startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with which it can develop latest-generation projects and services.


Working together, sharing and networks are the key concepts behind The Cube, one of Spain’s most important incubators and home of the Enel Innovation Hub in Madrid. The city’s innovation centre works with Unlimiteck, a company specialising in the Internet of Things, and MIOTI (the Madrid Internet of Things Institute), the first institute totally dedicated to the development of the IoT.


Located in an area involved in tests carried out to evaluate and enhance the efficiency and reliability of solar panels and storage, the Enel Innovation Hub in Catania plays a dual role: it is both a research laboratory focusing on renewable energy, and an innovation incubator. It covers an indoor area of 1,000 square metres, with an outside area of a further 30,000, and the entire facility is made available to the startups and SMEs our Group is working with in the development of alternative, technologically-advanced projects.


Rio de Janeiro, the nerve centre of our Brazilian operations. Via our hub in the capital, Enel is linked to a comprehensive network of collaborations with Brazil’s most competitive startups. This innovative eco-system is itself in constant contact with emerging companies throughout the world.

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