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Where does the artistic lighting make the difference?

Enel X transforms light into an instrument that enhances the value of architectural works, for the benefit of art and, especially, of the citizens. An intelligent and minimally invasive lighting system ensures a functional space and visual comfort, increases the perception of details and, finally, enhances the aesthetic experience and its emotional impact. The local community will enjoy the new vitality of the city's cultural landmarks, and tourists will be fascinated by the mysteries and beauty of the historical heritage, which the light delicately emphasizes.

How it works?

Technological innovation makes it possible to use the most progressive solutions in the category of light control systems, including color changes, flow regulation, activation modes and flexibility of use. All this to provide the community with services and efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.

Enel X is proud of thirty years of experience in artistic, stage and emotional lighting. Thanks to its professionalism, competitiveness and emphasis on sustainability, Enel X is today the global market leader in the sector: the testimony of the over 1,500 projects in Italy and in the world.

Our design proposal for the objectives you intend to expose in the most attractive light will be in perfect agreement with the architecture and functions of the public space.

Artistic lighting projects can be permanent or temporary, on the occasion of city events.


Enel X transforms the town where you live through the magic of light. However, this magic has a very clear logic, which our specialists follow in each project:

  • We analyze the urban site, the architecture and the way it is used or the new value it must create through light.

  • We analyze the historical and artistic context of the building/work.

  • We make the project proposal and help you imagine the transformation through simulations.

  • We make sure that we propose to the public administration the most sustainable ways of lighting the city's objectives, adding to the special visual impact the requirement of environmental protection, through an efficient energy consumption.

How artistic lighting works