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What is adaptive lighting and whom does it serve?

Enel X unlocks a new era of smart lighting for all public roads in Romania. We use the most progressive smart lighting systems, because we know the needs of the community, public administration and the planet. We respond to these needs directly, through advanced energy services dedicated to lighting on roads and public roads. Adaptive lighting means a smart system of sensors, poles and other equipment that adjust light to traffic, weather and visibility conditions.

How it works

Enel X's Smart Lighting systems are a step forward in terms of street lighting. Designed for maximum energy and financial savings, they offer excellent visual comfort and create safe conditions for citizens.

Enel X's innovative technology ensures even light distribution and reduces light pollution.

Public administrations collaborating with Enel X are also offered interventions and energy efficiency measures to ensure compliance with regulations, at zero cost, as well as a significant reduction in operating expenses from the first year.


At Enel X, we take care of everything: from design to the installation and maintenance of the smart lighting system. We also make sure that you, as a representative of the public administration, become an expert in using this intelligent adaptive lighting system.

Adaptive lighting uses sensors and/or video cameras. Due to this, it can be used either exclusively to adapt the light from the poles to traffic conditions, or also to weather conditions and ambient light. 

The software solution developed by Enel X gives the local administration the possibility to visualize and manage public lighting services, including by remote control. The digital platform for public lighting offers real-time transparency on the operation of lighting poles and smart sensors, configuration of certain light parameters, visualization of traffic volume, data on energy consumption of public lighting infrastructure and so on.

How does adaptive lighting work?