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City Analytics enables the development of cities

People who live in cities have daily trips for various purposes: to work, to school, to leisure areas and others. Everyone has their own opinion on what should be solved first in the city. For the representatives of the town halls and the various departments for services for citizens, the decisions are not easy to make. Enel X changes the traditional modus operandi in this field, making the dynamics of the urban ecosystem transparent with the help of digital solutions that harness the power of Big Data. City Analytics is a tool based on aggregated anonymous data, in accordance with data protection regulations, which you can use for the smart development of the city. Urban development planning is being changed by cutting-edge progressive technologies.

How it works?

This digital tool created by Enel X allows viewing the movement of people in the city. The dynamics of travel between different urban areas, the population density in certain parts of the locality, whether it is people who live in the area, commute or are tourists. 

You can use this functionality of City Analytics to optimize public transport, tourism, street advertising, and the configuration of various infrastructures used by citizens.


The road network no longer has secrets for the local public administration: traffic data, accessible as reports or in real time, unlock opportunities for change planning.

You can use this feature of City Analytics to optimize road traffic in the city: you identify the points where congestion often occurs and intervene quickly to streamline traffic, and have predictions about street use patterns for certain periods in the future. 

Road maintenance in localities is a responsibility of the public authority to which drivers are very attentive because it directly affects their experience and cars. This module signals road quality problems, which make traffic difficult. The holes and unevenness on the streets are located by the application, so that the public road administration can intervene.

You can use this functionality of City Analytics to identify the road sections that need rehabilitation works and to prioritize interventions according to the problem and the number of people affected.


How City Analytics works