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What is the financing program Energy efficiency for public buildings?

Public buildings managed by administrative-territorial units throughout the country have new opportunities for energy transformation in Romania in recent years. The Environmental Fund Administration program, initially dedicated only to schools, is becoming more ambitious and leading the way for a substantial effect in reducing pollution and raising awareness of new ways to produce and manage energy. Our synergistic solutions, based on progressive technologies, will be customized for your project by our consultants who will be with you at all stages, from project to implementation.

How it works?

The program to increase energy efficiency and smart energy management in public buildings for schools was originally addressed, as the name suggests, only to schools, but is expanding to include other public sector beneficiaries: clinics, town hall building, etc.

In 2021, the program budget was greatly increased and now reaches Lei 1.4 billion.

The registration period in the IT platform will be from 5 July 2021 to 4 October 2021.

Contact the Enel X team as soon as possible, so that we can prepare together, in advance, the best project for your energy transformation objectives.



The AFM program, which allows local governments to finance the transformation of public buildings to increase energy efficiency and move towards smart energy management, covers several expenses for the change process.

Among the eligible costs, in addition to the costs for the actual investment included in the project, we mention: 

  • costs with the feasibility studies

  • design and technical assistance

  • consultancy expenses, 

  • those for conducting an energy audit before the transformation

  • for preparing a subsequent implementation report and

  • for obtaining an important document: the energy performance certificate.

Regarding the seismic risk assessment, so useful before an energy modernization project, the program of the Administration of the Environmental Fund also covers the costs with the technical expert valuation of the building.


Enel X supports you with all-in-one solutions based on the most efficient technologies, in all stages of the project. The basic investment to achieve the goal of increasing energy efficiency may include measures such as interventions for:

  • the thermal retrofitting of the building - the building envelope

  • the water heating system

  • the air conditioning/ventilation system, which ensures the quality of the air inside

  • the interior lighting system

  • installation of equipment to produce electricity/heating from renewable sources for own consumption 

  • an integrated energy management system

For energy efficiency increase projects, public sector applicants can finance up to 90% of the project value through this dedicated AFM program, the rest must be covered from their own sources.

In 2021, it is estimated that the program will include not only educational institutions amongst the beneficiaries but also:

  • County councils

  • Any public building managed by the administrative-territorial unit that applies to the program, for example the buildings where the town halls and clinics are located.

Depending on the size of the population and the type of administrative-territorial unit, the funding is allocated as follows, in maximum amounts per project:

  1. For communes with less than 5,000 inhabitants, Lei 1,500,000, and for communes with a population exceeding this number, Lei 3,000,000

  2. For towns, Lei 4,000,000

  3. For 2nd rank municipalities Lei 5,000,000, and for 1st rank municipalities Lei 6,000,000.

Whether you represent a public institution in a commune, a town or a municipality, Enel X will facilitate the energy transformation of the public building you have chosen to apply to the AFM funding program for energy efficiency and smart energy management. 


How it works

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