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Energetically efficient public buildings

Energy efficiency of public administration buildings and spaces is a key aspect of smart cities. Enel X offers innovative high-tech services for this purpose. Today, both residential, commercial and public buildings are often energy inefficient in terms of heating needs (heating and hot water) and the use of electricity (light, air conditioning) and are often in winter and summer in the situation of having high caloric losses. It is time to accelerate the energy transition, and public buildings can signal to everyone the new era of responsible energy consumption.

How it works?

At a first level of action, interventions are needed for:

  • thermal insulation

  • replacing traditional lighting systems with more efficient technologies (especially LED solutions) 

upgrading thermal installations through systems that use renewable energy, such as solar thermal energy or the use of heat pumps. 

At a later stage, the most important results appear after the total retrofitting of the building, which includes: 

  • the heating system of the building
  • the power installation 
  • the building insulation


Enel X intervenes with a wide range of actions to increase the energy efficiency of buildings belonging to the local public administration:

  • Integrated design of the building and the system

  • Energy reengineering of the mechanical and electric systems

  • Design of efficient interior lighting systems, to which smart energy services can be added
  • Integrated management of the building’s mechanical and electric systems.
How it works

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