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Do you want to apply for the public Lighting program?

What is the AFM Public Lighting Funding Program?

Street lamps for public lighting contribute not only to the aesthetics of the town, but also to an energy consumption friendly to nature and people, as well as to a new vision of the digital city. Enel X enables the power of inventors and fine tunes the technologies created by them so that any city or commune in Romania can enjoy a better life through energy efficiency. If you want to apply to the AFM Public Lighting program to modernize the urban system of street and pedestrian street lighting, Enel X is the best choice.

How it works?

The program on boosting energy efficiency and smart energy management in public lighting infrastructure was pioneered by the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM) for a purpose that guides us at Enel X: more energy efficient public lighting systems.

The competition aims for more and more administrative-territorial units to use LED products with a high level of energy efficiency, as are our innovative products. Once more and more communes, towns and municipalities will streamline their public lighting network, air quality will improve, following the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you want to modernize the public lighting infrastructure, replacing the classic lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art lighting fixtures with LED technology and take control of the light flow through a remote management program? Apply to the Public Lighting Program with Enel X! We will facilitate the transformation of your locality through business-ready solutions based on progressive technology.

With Enel X, your project has the best chances of success, because our synergic solutions support the eligibility of the project, as defined by AFM, for example:

  • You will demonstrate a minimum energy saving of 25%, given that our LED products have a much higher efficiency

  • You will become the user of a dimming/remote management system or, as we call it, a remote-control technology, through which you will be able to adjust the brightness of the entire infrastructure 

The program budget is worth 500 ml. lei and the applications through the app can reach up to 150% of the total program budget.

The enrollment period starts on 19.08.2022 and ends when the threshold of 150% of the program budget is reached.

The AFM program, which supports the local public administration to finance the transformation of the public street, road and pedestrian lighting system, has among the eligible expenses:

  • the design and technical assistance costs

  • the consultancy costs

  • from the main investment - the purchase and installation of LED lighting devices and network connection accessories, public lighting poles, electric lighting network and accessories

  • from the main investment - purchase and installation of the digital dimming / remote management platform, through which the luminous flux of any point in the smart public lighting infrastructure can be adjusted

Enel X will be in almost every stage of your financing, from the design of the project eligible for the AFM Public Lighting program to its implementation. You will have as a strategic partner a technology leader, which will contribute to the success of your project in the community: energy efficient quality street light, which contributes to the safety of residents with minimal costs for the budget and environment.

The basic investment for achieving the objective of modernizing and expanding the public lighting systems in the Romanian localities so that the public lighting infrastructure is energy efficient may include:

  • Modernization of the existing street/pedestrian lighting system

  • Purchase and installation of the remote management platform

  • Extension of the existing street/pedestrian lighting system

  • Purchase of consultancy, design and project management

For public lighting infrastructure modernization projects in communes, towns and municipalities, public sector applicants can receive funding of up to 100% of the project value through this dedicated AFM program, limited to the amounts set for each application category.

Depending on the number of inhabitants, funding is allocated as follows, in maximum amounts for each project:

  1. For communes with a population of up to 5,000 inhabitants — max. 1,000,000 lei
  2. For communes with a population of over 5.001 inhabitants — max. 2,000,000 lei
  3. For cities — max. 3,000,000 lei
  4. For municipalities of rank 0 — Bucharest — max. 50,000,000 lei
  5. For municipalities of rank 1 — max. 6,000,000 lei
  6. For municipalities of rank 2 — max. 5,000,000 lei
How it works

Required documents

You can download the useful documents for the AFM public lighting program below:

The AFM funding guidelines for public lighting

The public lighting program

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Public lighting AFM press release

Launch of the program on increasing the energy efficiency of the public lighting infrastructure

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