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Your partner in accessing AFM funds

Unlock the opportunity to increase energy efficiency through programs funded by the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM). If you represent a local public authority that manages energy-efficient public buildings and street lighting systems, it's high time we met! The Enel X team will simplify your access to AFM financing programs through a complete range of innovative and sustainable products and services, which will bring you maximum energy efficiency.

Apply to the public Lighting Program with Enel X

We support the local public administration with an ecosystem of solutions for the modernization of public lighting systems in small towns and cities. Increasing energy efficiency is our specialty, we are here to unlock new possibilities for the sustainable localities of the future.

Enel X street lighting

Energy efficiency in schools

Apply for the Power Efficiency program for public buildings with Enel X

School buildings, health service centers can be transformed with the help of synergic solutions to increase energy efficiency in the public sector. Electrification of heating and cooling systems, renewable energy sources are starting points from which we can pioneer a strategic partnership for decarbonization today.