Electric public transport

Electric public transport


Enel X firmly believes that electric mobility has a key role to play in the drive to make our urban centres sustainable. This applies to both private and public transportation.

Thanks to its pioneering experience and significant investments in private electric mobility, Enel X is also now in a position to offer green transport solutions to public administrations, thereby promoting the transition to electric mobility for public transport also.


Our solution

A complete, flexible and innovative offer including services ranging from the installation and management of charging infrastructure (batteries and charging stations) to energy supply (from 100% renewable sources), fleet management and consumption optimisation through innovative demand response technology.

A close partnership with key operators in the sector, like electric bus suppliers, means that turnkey solutions can be offered that include the supply, management and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.  

This range of solutions enables public administrations to enjoy an efficient, sustainable service that has no negative impact on investments and provides optimal management of urban transport systems. 

Not just electric buses

Enel X aims to bring about a radical transformation of cities, restructuring the urban environment through innovation, efficiency and integration.  

These key elements find real-world applications in public transport, renewing not only vehicle fleets but also bus stops and shelters, which will become smart and multifunctional.

Sustainable, integrated, efficient and technological solutions designed to transform citizens’ experience of public transport. We make the waiting time useful. 

Take a look at the “Juice” family in our smart urban furniture section.

Electrification of public transport with Enel X

Cities that are cleaner, more comfortable and efficient with the electrification of public transport. Our offer includes the planning of the service, supplying the e-bus and the maintenance of the entire infrastructure. It is a scalable, integrated solution that allows the public administration to optimize management of the service.

Resources for your city

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Electric buses, the green revolution on the streets of Santiago

100 zero-emissions buses will link five municipalities in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, in Chile, thanks to an electric terminus that is one of its kind in the world