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Can you feel the adrenaline of change?

The world of mobility is changing and moving more and more towards electricity. Enel X will guide you on a journey to discover everything you need to know about sustainable mobility and electric cars. Be one of those who choose the transport of the future, the latest innovations in electric or hybrid cars, charging and other solutions in the ecosystem of electric transportation.

Nissan Leaf charging at Enel X station

A growing community

Many people believe that electric mobility is still a distant, almost futuristic world. The truth is that the electric car is destined to become the car of the future. Have you ever driven an electric or hybrid vehicle? You have every reason to start! It is sustainable because it contributes to decarbonization, thus to better air quality. It's economical: power and maintenance costs are lower, and it's based on cutting-edge technology. It gives you freedom of movement: you can charge the electric or hybrid car anywhere according to your needs, at home, on the road, at work.

Private charging stations

For electric car drivers, we have developed car charging stations for home use: the house is the main charging point, where the electric car can be charged during extended stops, especially at night. Our home charging solutions fall into the Wallbox category and offer important functions, such as remote charging programming, based on the hourly cost of electricity or other needs, real-time information on charging evolution, consumption monitoring. Prosumers can even optimize the charging by using energy produced by solar panels.

Private charging stations