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Do you want to buy an air conditioner?

How do you choose your air conditioner?

To make the right choice of air conditioner, you can estimate how much power you need for cooling or heating, depending on your living space. 

  1. Multiply the room volume (m2) by 30 and you get the required W (in a well insulated room).
  2. Multiply the room volume (m2) by 40 and you get the required W (in a poorly insulated room)

To reap the benefits of an air conditioner in any season, you can look at the following features:

  1. Sustainability: modulated fan speed and compressor frequency leads to high energy efficiency (lower electricity consumption than a standard appliance) and reduced noise.
  2. Easy maintenance: the self-cleaning function guarantees increased efficiency of the entire air conditioning installation.
  3. Connectivity: via Wi-Fi you can remotely control the air conditioning system.
  4. Anti-pollution filters: remove contaminating germs with hi-tech filters.
  5. Night-mode: you benefit from increased comfort during sleep.
The heating function of air conditioner can be a major advantage in the changing seasons or when the heating system of the house cannot cope with very low temperatures. The new technologies included in the Enel X selection of air conditioners ensure warmth in your home and optimum performance, even when it's as cold as -10⁰ C outside.
How do you choose your air conditioner?