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Nimet and Enel X optimize the energy costs

Nimet and Enel X optimize the energy costs

Enel X customer

Nimet Romania is one of the top European manufacturers of chrome-plated steel bars and pipes, present in more than 90 countries. Initially, Nimet was a start-up by a mechanical engineer, with only 10 employees and a facility for production of piston rods and tubes for hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems. Shortly after, the Austrian company Palfinger, a global leader in the cranes market, entered into a joint venture with the Romanian company. In less than 10 years, the small Eastern European manufacturer became one of the most respected leaders of the industry, with 650 employees and a monthly production capacity in excess of 5,000 tons of chrome-plated steel bars and pipes.

The challenge

For Nimet, energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction are part of the company's sustainability strategy. The organization aims to attain energy efficiency, for the two facilities, through energy cost optimization and protection against price fluctuations.

The solution

Enel X Romania proposed the turn-key implementation of two photovoltaic plants, with an aggregate capacity of 2 MW, by placing the following on the roofs of the factories:
  • 4.100 high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, with monocrystalline-type cells, placed on the roof of both Nimet factories (Târgoviște and Lazuri)
  • 3 electric car charging points in the two Nimet factories

Solar panel savings calculator

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The photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of the Nimet factories shall ensure an annual electricity production of approximately 2,350 MWh. The project developed with Enel X Romania adds more sustainability in the activity of the Nimet factories.


The equipment and technologies used in the project have high performance and reliability, and are sourced from important suppliers on the global photovoltaic system market. This makes Niment the only sustainable manufacturer of chrome-plated bars and pipes across the country. 


Lower energy costs

The manufacturer shall be able to make full use of the electricity produced in the photovoltaic plants, and thus become self-sufficient from an energy point of view and cut-down its related costs by EUR 200,000 per year.

Reduced carbon footprint

For two centuries already, the industrial sector has played an important part in terms of climate change. Now, businesses have the responsibility, the means and the capacity to support the efforts employed to address the effects of climate change. With the aid of photovoltaic power plants, Nimet reduces its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 500 tons every year.


Enel X combines the expertise with innovation of the partners developing the panels, to obtain a 100% operational photovoltaic system. The electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels is all renewable and covers for a big part of the company's local electricity demand.

"Pollution control and a rational use of energy are among the pillars of our environmental policy. We found in Enel X Romania a reliable partner that can help us attain these goals and ensure including the much-wanted predictability for any business, by securing the electricity costs and providing protection against any potential rise in the price of electricity of the market. The two photovoltaic power plants are a first step taken by Niment, one of the top manufacturers of chrome-plated bars and pipes in Europe, to achieved an installed photovoltaic capacity of 6 MW by 2023".


Samy Numan, Managing Director, Nimet.

"Our experience and the talks we had with the customer have helped us identify the most suitable pieces of equipment to provide an effective control on the annual energy consumption. Installation was done precisely as planned. We are delighted with each and every element of the process, and with the performance, too. We were happy that we could go again beyond our role of supplier, and act as a reliable partner in terms of both the solutions offered and the advice that was provided in all phases of the project."


Liviu-Adrian Mușat, Project Manager, Enel X