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The smart home

The smart home: energy efficient, safe and comfortable

In recent years, we have been talking more and more about energy efficient homes. With such a home, based on state-of-the-art technology, you save energy, save on bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing the initial investment to be recovered over time.
Energy efficient homes save energy and are environmentally friendly. They are well insulated, have heating and cooling systems that do not waste energy, which is why utility bills are considerably reduced and the carbon footprint is greatly reduced. They can also be equipped with solar panels and with storage solutions that generate and store clean energy from renewable sources. Discover how you can increase the energy efficiency of your home making changes enhanced by new technologies!

How can you increase the energy efficiency of your home?

Improvements that make your home energy efficient include insulating your doors and windows, switching to LED lighting, and investing in a renewable energy system, such as photovoltaic panels, to produce clean energy to power your household appliances or air conditioning systems. There is also a range of energy-efficient products for the home, including appliances in higher energy classes (A, B), as well as smart appliances and technologies that can be managed remotely via an app, such as HOMIX from Enel X. Don't forget that smart homes allow for increased energy efficiency, translated into lower costs and greater care for the environment!

Benefits of an energy efficient home

Energy efficient homes are comfortable and a healthy environment to live in, regardless of age: they are warm in winter, cool in summer, well ventilated, neither too wet nor too dry. Energy efficiency improvements can lower the cost of energy bills for homeowners, but they can also add value to the property through insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems. Last but not least, whether you build an energy-efficient home or renovate an existing home, you will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.
Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic Panels

Become a prosumer and save money on the energy bill thanks to the green energy produced.

Smart home solutions

Smart homes are the homes of the future, and Enel X has a wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions in this regard. By investing in making your home "smart", even when you are away (at the office or on a trip), you have today's latest technologies at your fingertips to maximize available energy resources and minimize energy bills.
Air conditioners

Air conditioners

Globally recognized air conditioning systems for low consumption and maximum efficiency.

Taking advantage of the new benefits that advanced technology brings, it is possible today to return from your summer vacation in a perfectly cooled house, with the air conditioning system set to the desired temperature while on the road. Or you can adjust your home's solar panels even on an afternoon in the park with the touch of a button on your phone screen. And if, while you are busy at the office, you receive a fault alert of the heating system, you can quickly call on top repair services. Our proposal, for all this to be at your fingertips, is the Homix Home smart thermostat with Smart Home accessories, an accessory for the modern user, designed to save energy, reduce costs, protect the environment and, last but not least, for personal comfort.
"Enel X's goal is to offer products and services that can improve the lives of users and protect the environment through simple and accessible solutions for everyone. Based on this principle, we offer a complete smart home system that allows customers to maximize comfort in their home and save energy and money.”

Smart Home: the new technologies

How do the new smart buildings work? The ecosystem for smart homes developed by Enel X allows the automatic control of electrical devices in any home, with the help of digital technology and the Internet. Breakthrough innovations in smart homes not only provide progressive energy efficiency solutions, but also promote a better quality of life for the general population. As new technologies gain more and more ground bringing once unsuspected benefits to our lives, it is high time to learn about smart home systems.

Enel X aims to guide home owners in understanding how to design a smart home so that their homes are not only sustainable and safe, but also advanced in terms of functionality, ensuring all the necessary comfort with minimal costs. Based on the real needs of residents and always keeping costs down, Enel X solutions are technologically innovative, energy efficient and economically advantageous. With the Smart Home system, all of this is one tap on your phone screen away!

Safe at home

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Enel X, and through the quality services offered in terms of qualified assistance, controlled by skilled specialists, you can learn how to turn your home into a smart one without difficulty. Smart home security monitoring systems are no longer for the privileged few.


Smart thermostats, such as Homix Home, easily controlled via phones and other mobile devices, not only help you save energy, but also alert you when there is a risk of fire in the heating system or burst pipes due to extreme temperatures in the home. Smart lights today allow for increased security, with the on/off switch being managed remotely via the app. Such a simple and affordable smart security solution in the face of potential dangers is intended to increase the sense of peace and security about your home, wherever you are - at home or away. 

Learn to turn your home into a smart one

At Enel X Romania, we focus on supporting residential customers to discover how they can turn their homes into smart homes. We ensure the installation of smart systems and offer additional annual maintenance support through extended warranties and repair services. We also designed advanced solutions for photovoltaic systems, as we are constantly looking to reduce energy consumption by identifying more sustainable approaches.


Enel X thus aims to guide owners in the smart design of sustainable, safe and comfortable homes, where innovation and convenience meet, and energy efficiency, environmental protection and cost reduction are now possible thanks to new technologies. We are with you every step towards the smartest version of your home!