Meet our charging stations for electric vehicles

Meet our charging stations for electric vehicles

For a person using the electric car every day to go to the office and every weekend to go shopping, to the cinema or other places, during the summer it is enough to charge the car up to twice a week. During winter, three charges per week are needed for the same route. Depending on the charging station, the duration of a charging session may be from 20/30 minutes up to 90/120 minutes.

Mihai Mardale

e-Mobility Manager, Enel X

Box Station for privates and companies, with Low Cost Box Station and Box Station 3G models

JuiceBox, with JuiceBox for privates, along with JuiceBox Commercial and JuiceStation for companies and public administration

JuicePole, the right model for companies and public administration. Pole Station 3G, a product created for companies


JuicePump is the most suitable charging station for roads connecting cities and can be owned by companies or public administrations