Demand Response

Demand Response

Earn Payments for Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand Response

Get Paid for Your Flexibility

Demand response (DR) programs provide payments to large energy users that agree to reduce their energy demand during times of grid stress. Program participation is easy, and Enel X provides the expertise you need to make the most out of demand response.

$700M paid to customers since 2015

Enel X provides:

Program strategies to maximize earnings

Enel X works with customers to develop participation plans that maximize earnings while minimizing operational disruption

No-cost, no-risk agreements

Enel X protects your organization from penalties and other costs associated with participation

Access to more markets and programs

Enel X provides more access to DR programs worldwide than any other provider and leverages its portfolio size to ensure market access for all customers, no matter their load profile

Customer Spotlights

Temple University

See how Temple University has layered their participation in demand response programs in PJM to earn more than $475,000 a year.

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Kimberly-Clark takes advantage of facility downtime to earn nearly $3 million in DR payments. See why they trusted Enel X to maximize their DR earnings.

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How Enel X helps demand response participants maximize earnings

Explore Demand Response Options in Your Region

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Demand Response Deconstructed

Download our eBook to learn more about how your organization can capitalize on demand response programs.


Get Paid for Your Flexibility

Discover exactly what demand response is, how it works, and what benefits it delivers for both energy consumers and the electric grid serving their communities.

Case Study

Inside Gillette Stadium’s Demand-Side Energy Strategy

Through a partnership with Enel X, Gillette Stadium is able to streamline its energy costs and management processes while contributing to a more reliable, sustainable, and affordable electric grid in its community.

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