Demand Response

Demand Response

Earn Payments for Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand Response

Create New Revenue for Supporting Grid Reliability

Demand response (DR) programs offer payments to large energy users that agree to reduce their demand at times when the grid is under stress. These programs help to keep the lights on and energy prices low in your community, and provide your organization with regular payments for participating. 

Enel X provides access to:

  • More DR programs worldwide than any other provider
  • Experts to develop a plan to maximize your DR earnings and minimize impact on your operations
  • No-cost, no-risk agreements to protect your organization from penalties and other potential costs sometimes required to to participate
  • Financing to install or upgrade backup generators or distributed energy resources to enhance your participation at no upfront cost.

Explore Demand Response Options in Your Region

Enel X is helping large energy consumers earn money by reducing demand on the grid in the United States and Canada . Find your area below to learn more.

How a Demand Response Dispatch Works

1. Get Notified

When your local grid operator or utility anticipates the need for additional electricity supply, it sends an electronic signal to our Network Operations Center (NOC). We then send a phone message, email, or SMS to your site with details about when the demand response dispatch will occur.

2. Respond

Upon receiving the dispatch notification, your facility will reduce its electricity usage (or in some regions, switch to backup generation) according to your predefined energy reduction strategy.

3. Get Support

Before, during, and after a dispatch, the NOC remains in communication with you. NOC personnel are available 24x7x365, supporting you to ensure that you achieve high levels of performance and payments.

Demand Response Basics

Demand Response does not need to be complicated. Watch the video to learn more about how demand response works and why Enel X is your ideal partner.

Enrolling in Demand Response is Easy


1. Design an Energy Reduction Strategy

We've helped thousands of customers design energy reduction strategies that take their unique operational processes, concerns, and equipment into account. We always put occupant comfort and safety first.

2. Connect Your Energy Data

Enel X will connect to your facilities to collect real-time consumption data to notify you when to participate in a DR dispatch and monitor performance.

3. Run a Test Dispatch

We run a simulated demand response dispatch to ensure you're ready to perform when called upon.

4. Stand By

Once your test dispatch is complete, we will officially enroll you in the program and you'll be considered "ready to respond."

5. Take Action When Called

Due to the careful prep work between our team and yours, the dispatch process is simple, and you're able to maximize revenue.



Large energy consumers can earn payments for supporting grid reliability through demand response payments, which offer compensation for those that can reduce consumption temporarily when called upon. Learn more about how Enel X helps participants create custom energy reduction plans to maximize their earnings through demand response with no costs and minimal effort required on their part.

Your Energy Market Opportunities

See what options are available in your region with our energy market opportunity map.

Energy Opportunities in New England

Energy Opportunities in New England

Learn more about energy storage and demand response opportunities in New England

Energy Opportunities in the PJM region

PJM Energy Opportunities

See how businesses in the PJM region are capitalizing on demand response and other energy programs with Enel X.

Interactive Energy Market Opportunity Map

Energy Market Opportunity Map

Select your region to learn more about the biggest opportunities for large energy consumers.

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