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City skyline in Alberta CA

Alberta Energy Solutions

Make the Most of Your Operating Reserves Opportunity with Enel X

As one of Canada’s most prolific producers of power generation, Alberta is also known for offering one of the most compelling programs for enhancing grid reliability and managing high energy prices, while enriching Commercial & Industrial (C&I) energy consumers. 


Known as Operating Reserves (OR)—a network of resources that helps balance electrical supply and demand in real time—this no-cost, no-risk program from the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) pays C&I energy users to curtail energy use or switch to back-up generation temporarily during times of peak demand. 


But doing so requires preparation and the ability to shed load in 10 minutes or less.


Such agility requires an expert partner, and for Alberta, and programs around the world, that expert partner is Enel X. Enel X was one of the first companies to offer OR in Alberta and currently works with an array of the largest consumers of energy in the province, including hospitals, natural resource extractors, and data centers to maximize their participation and compensation.


We’ll help you plan for OR, implement the software and systems you need to execute flawlessly, and we’ll only get paid when you do. And with OR pool prices up 5X over the last two years, there’s no better time to participate.