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Simplify the Renewable Energy Landscape

Modern businesses are increasingly embracing renewable energy. But in a complex and evolving market, how can they know they are making the right energy decisions? Enel X is the renewable energy partner perfect for developing, executing and reporting on renewable energy strategies. Large energy consumers who partner with Enel X can address their energy demands and participate in global sustainability. As your partner in renewable energy solutions, Enel X will create a tailored renewable energy strategy perfectly suited for the needs and goals of your business. Our commitment to renewable energy will allow you to make informed purchasing decisions, minimize costs, mitigate risk, and maximize return on investment. Enel X is your caring partner in renewable electricity.

How does it work?

Renewable Energy Workshops

Education, discussion and planning are important aspects of ensuring renewable energy has a positive impact on your business. With Enel X you can establish and achieve your green energy goals through analysis of your organization-wide priorities.


Strategy Development

Conduct cost-benefit and risk management analyses to determine the right approach for your renewable energy solutions. Align your priorities and achieve your renewable energy goals with simple strategy development for renewable energy management.

Standardizing Renewable Supply Offers

Simplify renewable energy contracts and connect your organization to the right suppliers. Use Enel X as your energy advisor to find the optimal renewable electricity generation sources and renewable energy projects that will help you achieve your green energy goals.


Live Reverse Auctions and Sealed Bids

Solicit bids and encourage competition from all available renewable energy suppliers to secure the best price for your renewable energy purchase.

Improve Your Supply Risk Management Strategy

Leverage renewable contracts to hedge against long-term volatility in the traditional energy markets.


Comprehensive Financial Optimization

Streamline the financial value of your renewable purchases by optimizing net metering aggregation, exploring capacity and ancillary market opportunities, and managing settlements and environmental credits for your organization.

Give Insight to Portfolio-Wide GHG Emissions

Centralize all data for energy consumption and GHG emissions for a global portfolio.


Facilitate Reporting on GHG Emissions

Report portfolio-wide emissions data to account for renewable power purchases and meet the standards for all regulatory, industry, and custom standards.


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How the Bidding Process Works

Competition is critical to securing the right renewable contract for your organization. See how we get suppliers to compete for your business with this video.