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Mid-Atlantic City Skyline

Mid-Atlantic (PJM) Energy Solutions

Lucrative Demand Resolutions for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Home to the largest grid operator in North America, PJM, the regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of electricity across the Mid-Atlantic, offers the nation's longest-running and most lucrative demand response (DR) program for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, delivering $750 million in payments since 2010.

Optimize Program Participation with PJM's Experts

Enel X pioneered demand response in the U.S. and is the market leader throughout the Mid-Atlantic and across the country. Our market experts can guide you through an array of programs, from Emergency Load Response to Synchronized Reserve Market, and help you optimize participation for your business and bottom line. Enel X also has extensive experience upgrading on-site backup generators with no-cost financing solutions to streamline demand response participation.


map of PJM service region

Explore all Energy Opportunities in PJM

The Mid-Atlantic offers a number of opportunities to implement advanced energy management strategies. With Enel X's energy advisors, your business can thoughtfully re-evaluate its energy procurement plan to take advantage of market opportunities, predict system peaks, manage costly demand charges, and integrate renewable strategies to address your sustainability needs.