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What is Energy Storage, and Why Are Businesses Embracing It?

Facing rising electricity costs and access to incentives through energy market programs, today’s businesses are integrating energy storage to manage their exposure to the grid strategically. Lithium-ion batteries and other forms of energy storage are capable of storing large amounts of electricity for consumption on demand. Facilities with on-site energy storage resources equipped with DER Optimization Software can automatically store electricity when it is least expensive and consume it when costs from the grid are most expensive.

Energy Storage 101

Learn more about how businesses reduce costs, improve resilience, and earn incentive payments with energy storage and distributed energy resources.

Minimize Electricity Costs and Maximize DR Earnings with Energy Storage

The ability to store and consume low-cost electricity on-demand helps C&I energy consumers by radically reducing time-based costs. Time-based costs account for as much as 85% of total energy electricity spend in some markets! Plus you can earn payments through demand response and other energy market programs.

The Value of Energy Storage

Demand Charge Management

Reduce your facility’s peak electricity grid demand levels with commercial energy storage and enjoy lower charges based on less need during peak demand times.


Energy Arbitrage

Store low-cost power with your energy storage system so you can avoid using energy from the electricity grid during periods of high-cost energy.

Demand Response

Earn demand response payments for reducing grid demand when called upon without shutting down equipment in your facility. Enel X offers access to more demand response programs worldwide than any other provider.


Other Market Programs and Incentives

Capitalize on other regional programs offering compensation for distributed energy storage and solar-plus-storage projects.


Pairing with Solar

Integrating energy storage can make new or existing solar energy projects more valuable, providing the ability to use that clean, low-cost power at times when it is most valuable.


Improved Grid Stability

Improving your facility’s flexibility with energy storage helps to keep energy costs in control in your community and make the electric grid more reliable and sustainable.


Backup Power

Under certain configurations, energy storage can be incorporated into a resilience plan to provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.


Enel X battery storage site controller

Intelligent DER Optimization Software to Maximize Financial Performance

Enel X’s DER Optimization Software uses advanced machine learning techniques to learn your facility’s energy needs. We automatically charge and discharge your battery assets at the optimal times to deliver the highest financial return possible. Your sites will experience no difference in energy consumption, but your electricity costs will decrease as if they did!

graphs showing a facility's grid load with and without energy storage

Find out more about how Enel X's industry-leading software DER.OS automates battery operations to maximize savings.

Fully Financed, Turnkey Energy Storage Projects

With decades of experience helping C&I energy consumers capitalize on opportunities in the energy markets, Enel X covers all required costs. We also take responsibility for installing and operating the assets so your organization can capture this value without committing to a capital investment.

Fixed Rate

Benefit Share

Direct Purchase

Enel X covers the costs, installation, and operation of the battery system.
Enel X covers the costs, installation, and operation of the battery system.
Enel X supports the battery system's operation to reduce costs and earn incentives.
You agree to a fixed, recurring payment.
You keep a fixed percentage of the value created.
You cover all costs and keep 100% of the value created.
Enel X battery energy storage system at Algoma Orchards
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Costs are all taken care of by Enel X. The install is taken care of by Enel X. The monitoring is taken care of by Enel X. It’s a pretty user-friendly system, and I would suggest it to anybody who uses a large power demand and has to pay peak prices for energy.

John Jameson

Electrician, Algoma Orchards