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Demand Response Calculator

See How Much Your Organization Could Earn

Earn Payments for Supporting Your Local Energy Grid

Balancing supply and demand on the electricity grid is no easy task. To help, many grid operators pay large energy users to use less energy when demand is high. They do this through programs known as demand response. 


Facilities can earn substantial payments through demand response. These facilities are paid to be on call to reduce nonessential energy use when the electric grid needs support—a win-win both for facilities looking to boost their bottom line and the communities they serve.


Demand response participants are compensated for the amount of electric load they can remove from the grid when needed. Prices (in dollars paid per kW) vary over time, but in general, the more you can curtail, the more you can earn through demand response.


A No-Cost, No-Risk Opportunity to Earn Money for Your Organization

Enrolling in your local DR program is easy with Enel X, and there are no costs to participate. We provide the expertise you need to make the most out of demand response participation. Enel X has paid demand response customers more than $700 million since 2015. 


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