Revolutionising energy use

We operate Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant (BNEF) which aggregates flexible demand, battery storage, backup generation and electric mobility resources to support the grid and firm the supply of renewable power. Participating businesses access economic value and sustainability benefits.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

We support businesses along their decarbonisation journey

Demand Response and the Energy Transformation

Demand Response Programs

Leverage the full value of flexible demand via our market-leading Virtual Power Plant

Enel X battery energy storage system


Maximise the environmental and economic value of solar power by pairing it with battery storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Integrated solutions to help you decarbonise, save energy and boost your bottom line

Corporate Electric Mobility

Corporate Electric Mobility

Smart EV charging infrastructure and software for your business and employees

Electric Buses

Electric Buses

Driving cleaner and more efficient cities by electrifying public transport