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Make Your City Smart and Sustainable

The city of tomorrow is being built today on clean energy. Modern, intelligent energy management infrastructure can reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy, lighting the way for a sustainability-forward citizenry. That’s where we come in. Meet Enel X.

Advanced Transportation

Modernize your transportation with smart charging stations and infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

row of electric buses

Electric Buses

Turnkey solutions, from route analysis to charging infrastructure, make Enel X the first choice in bus electrification.

Distributed Energy

Play a more strategic role in your energy transition by capitalizing on facility load and investing in on-site resources

Close-up of electrical tower

Demand Response

The breakthrough program that pays you for helping the grid—and the environment—at times of peak demand.

Enel X battery energy storage system at UMass Boston

Energy Storage

Battery systems at your facility can charge and discharge energy at just the right times to lower utility bills.

solar panels on rooftop of large building


Produce, store and dispatch renewable energy from your solar arrays to lower energy costs and meet sustainability goals.

Advisory Services

Energy is complex. Enel X has the expertise, experience and technology to make it easy and cost-effective.

wind farm generating renewable energy

Renewable Energy Advisory

The road to carbon-free is full of choices. Enel X will help you make the right ones every step of the way.

business people watching large grid of monitors

Energy Supply Management

Securing the best energy prices for your operations takes competitive pricing, smart contracting, and expertise.